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Dramatic animal print cowhide pillows command attention any place where you set them. They add a level of mystery and intrigue. Their bold appearance and elegant charm are able to invite guests into your home and make them feel welcome like nothing else can.

The beautiful zebra hide or leopard print bring an exotic feel into your home decor and invite guests to look and touch! Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy the look and feel of soft, supple cowhide?

Animal print throw pillows say something about you as a home decorator

In an office setting, animal print pillows can add a panache of extravagance without breaking the bank. You may be surprised to learn just how affordable the look and feel of animal print cowhide pillows are. In face, you may just consider them a terrific investment in decorating value for the home or office.

Home decorators know the value of animal print for adding style and elegance to any area of the home.

In front of a fireplace, a well-positioned stack of animal print cowhide pillows is a warm invitation to come a little bit closer and see for yourself whether they’re as cozy as they look. On the sofa, guests will love the interactive look and feel of these animal print pillows. Can you think of anything more striking and rich than a pile of animal print cowhide pillows strewn across the sofa just waiting to be snuggled up to?

What goes with animal print?

Better to ask what doesn’t. It’s hard to think of any theme or motif that wouldn’t welcome an animal print. They’re the perfect accent to add to any small or large area that needs just that certain something it’s been missing. For that little nook that is just begging for a sharp accessory or the wide open expanse of your floor-plan, animal print cowhide pillows make up for their small size with their powerful demonstration of decorating virtue.

Many people think that cowhide must look old-fashioned or dated. Nothing could be further from the truth. Contemporary cowhide is right at home with your elegant furniture and luxurious decor. The cowhide pillow has been transformed from something that was once only at home in a cabin to something that virtually fits in everywhere. This isn’t the wild west cowhide you’ve seen in the movies.

Modern animal print pillows have been hand-tanned by leather artisans and crafted to be soft and supple. Their bold print was designed to last the lifetime of the pillow.

Why not see what everyone is talking about? Find out what the brilliant expression of animal print cowhide pillows can do for your home.

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