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The solid pillow is perhaps the perfect accessory in any room in your home. The bold, brilliant and bright colors are designed to match your decorating projects and add flair to anyplace they are used. Solid cowhide pillows have been hand tanned by leather artisans to insure that they are not only shed-free. But they are soft and supple feeling without compromising their durability and lasting value.

Regardless of your home or office decorating needs, you’ll be able to find a solid cowhide pillow to fit precisely into that project.

What’s great about color?

Well, everything. You don’t need to match colors perfectly to have the look you’re trying to achieve. Color combinations abound. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With so many color choices, you won’t know where to stop once you start incorporating them into your home decor.

Neutral colors are great when you’re buying large furnishings that are designed as central themes or show-pieces to a room, but that’s not what cowhide pillows were made to do. These are the bright sparks of color in that special place where you need it. These are the drops of pizzazz that draw the eye here or there and invite your guests in for a closer look.

Solid pillows were made for enjoyment and for bold visual appeal

They have the power to take an ordinary room and transform it into something altogether interesting and imaginative. All because of the power of their unique texture and color.

Many people mistakingly think that a cowhide pillow will be difficult to clean, but this is not at all the case. The cowhide covers unzip for quick and easy cleaning. The 100% natural cowhide can be simple spot-cleaned with a damp cloth in case of a spill.

The investment value of owning a few solid cowhide pillows is established by the fact that these works of art were made to last for many years and provide beauty and enjoyment to your home.

Office decorators love the edgy appeal of adding cowhide pillows to their business decor. Clients love the mystique when they enter an office and see these solid pillows strewn around on the chairs. They add a distinguishing element to your place of business.

Guests in your home will love the look of your solid cowhide pillows. Don’t be surprised to see that your friends and family can’t keep their hands off of your solid pillows. It’s natural to want to touch them and feel their exotic texture. After all, it’s not every day that the chance comes along.

When you add the bright and enticing solid cowhide pillows to your home, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

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