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The striking look of a striped pillow goes with everything. Whatever your decorating needs are, you can be sure that adding one or more of these striped cowhide pillows to the project you’re working on or the look you’ve already completed will add balance and appeal like nothing else can.

With bold accent, these pillows will soon become favorites in your home

Made from 100% natural cowhide for durability and quality that will last a lifetime, a striped pillow can be that perfect little addition to a dining chair or an ottoman. A pile of them can be exactly what is needed for an inviting look to your sofa. In the bedroom, a few well-placed striped pillows can make your bedroom stand out and take on a whole new dimension in relaxation and luxury. Even at the office, the value of a cowhide pillow cannot be dismissed. What could add more allure to a client that sitting in a chair in your office with a rich, striped cowhide pillow?

In addition, a striped cowhide pillow is a great investment in your home decor. This is the old west on a collision course with the contemporary. The results are simply stunning- a richly textured boldly appealing accessory for your home decorating needs.

Many people want to know if a natural cowhide pillow is easy to clean. The answer is that a striped throw pillow is very simple to clean and take care of. Requiring only an occasional shaking out or spot cleaning in case of a spill. Cowhide pillows are virtually carefree accessories that add so much value to the home. They are often seen as a wonderful investment.

Every decorator knows the value of stripes when making a statement in a room or creating visual attraction to a certain motif

Stripes can draw guests to an area of a room that otherwise go unnoticed. The rich texture and feel of a striped cowhide pillow insures that your guests will want to gain a better look.

Cowhide pillows were made to touch and use. Everyone will want to enjoy being interactive with your striped cowhide pillows. If you have a decorating project you’re looking to complete, look no further than a striped cowhide pillow.

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