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Metallic Cowhide Pillows

What’s in? Cowhide is IN- in a big way. What can it do for you? Transform every area of your home into something spectacular. You won’t believe how extraordinary these metallic cowhide pillows will make every room in your home look and feel. Devore acid washed pillows are perhaps the most intriguing of all of the varieties of cowhide pillows, by nature of their beauty and striking visual appeal.

The spattered elegance and contrast of color demand attention.

Each metallic devore cowhide pillow is unique in design, insuring that no two of them are exactly alike. There’s nothing quite like owning a one of a kind.

Acid washing dramatically decorates the surface of the pillow with precious metal colors of silver, copper and gold. These pillows are the perfect addition to a vintage motif and are even able to hold their own in a luxurious and elegant room.

Often people want to know what a metallic cowhide pillow will go with.

The question is better asked, what it won’t go with. These exquisite devore cowhide pillows, with their rich texture and dramatic effect will literally go with just about anything. From a small project such as a nook or other petit area that needs adornment to an open floor-plan with a sofa or fireplace, it’s hard to think of an area where a metallic cowhide pillow wouldn’t add that certain something that was missing.

When your guests get their first glimpse of your metallic throw pillows they won’t be able to keep from wanting to get a closer look and interact with them. These pillows beg to be touched and snuggled up to. They are terrific conversation pieces, as everyone will want to know where you purchased them or how you came to own them.

If you’re a bit daring or you like to walk on the wild side, you should consider everything a devore metallic pillow can do for your home. For added warmth in front of the fireplace or a snuggly haven on your sofa, nothing draws you in like the rich feel of cowhide pillows.

Why not see what you’ve been missing out on? We’re sure you’ll love these metallic cowhide pillows so much, we think you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

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