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Metallic Cowhide Rugs

Nothing else is quite as striking or unique as a metallic cowhide rug. Hand crafted by leather artisans, piece by piece, sewn together with quality and painted with metallic accents to provide a gleaming, accentuating 3D look. Bold and dazzling, a metallic cowhide rug is exactly what is needed to complete the look of that special decorating project. The retro-modern look is absolutely in right now, and nothing adds that look in quite the same way that metallic cowhide rugs can. It’s the old west colliding with contemporary decor. The result is simply stunning and adds a whole new dimension to any room it is placed in.

Professional decorators often incorporate the unique metallic look into an elegant theme to give the appearance of a roomy floor plan or to add ambience where it is needed.

The look of a metallic cowhide rug can add that certain pizzazz to your home or to any area where you use it as a furnishing. You will love the excitement it adds. This upscale chic look will adorn any room with the perfect look. The spatter painted metallic cowhide rugs will become the showpiece of your home, where friends and family will gather to get a better look or perhaps even want to touch this wonderful piece.

If you’re in the middle of a home decorating project and you’re stymied for the finishing touch, look no further than a metallic cowhide rug to bring an interesting quality to any setting. Whether you choose to use it on your floor plan, hang in on the blank wall in back of a beautiful sofa or add that rugged look in front of a fireplace, we feel certain that you won’t be sorry you made the decision to include a metallic cowhide rug.

No two metallic cowhide rugs are exactly the same.

This insures your one of a kind showpiece is unique. You may even be surprised to learn how affordable a metallic cowhide rug can really be. Many people consider them to be an investment in the value of their home, and use them throughout several rooms for effect. With so many patterns, shapes, sizes and textures, there is sure to be something to suit every taste and fit every need. No wonder decorators are incorporating metallic cowhide rugs into their projects like never before. They aren’t just for cabins anymore.

When you choose to add a metallic cowhide rug to your next home decorating project, you’ll love how it opens up the possibilities to mix and match other furnishings to the overall theme you’re creating. Like adding a neutral, metallic effects can go with just about anything you pair them with. From deep, rich dark tones to bright, light reflections, adding a metallic cowhide rug is the answer to your decorating needs.

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