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Natural Cowhide Rugs

Stunning natural cowhide rugs are all the rage in decorating, and it’s no wonder. Crafted by leather artisans, the natural look of cowhide that has not been dyed adds that certain visual appeal to your project that you’ve been trying to capture. Each natural cowhide rug is carefully designed for its unique qualities for the overall work or art, using small pieces of natural cowhide and joined together with intricate stitching. Because of the subtle differences in each cowhide, no two natural cowhide rugs are exactly the same, insuring that you can be proud to display your one of a kind masterpiece.

Guests in your home will be naturally drawn to the richness and dimension.

A natural cowhide rug will become the centerpiece of any room it is added to, drawing the attention of guests and loved ones. Those who gather together to be entertained in your home will be naturally attracted to its warmth and charm and fall in love with its quality. Imagine a luxurious natural cowhide rug in a prominent place in your home, or hanging on a wall space behind your sofa. Can you think of any single piece that could offer more charm or mystique to any decor?

You may be surprised to learn how truly affordable a natural cowhide rug can be, considering how they are made to last a lifetime and provide so many years of practical beauty to your home. You’ll love how adding this furnishing to any room can transform it from ordinary to extraordinary within minutes. Whether you’re looking for a pattern or design, a patchwork effect, stripes or another look, a natural cowhide rug can deliver the finishing touch to that certain look you’re trying to create.

A natural cowhide rug is easier to care for than you might think, requiring only an occasional vacuuming and a damp towel to spot clean a spill. Routine yet simple care will allow you to enjoy its beauty for years to come.

A natural cowhide rug is always the perfect piece for the project.

Every piece of the natural cowhide rug has been hand selected for its unique quality that it lends to the overall piece, to create exactly the shade, tone and depth that the artisan wants to create. It makes no difference whether you are just starting your decorating project and are looking for the perfect furnishing to begin with, or are at the completion and need that finishing touch.

A natural cowhide rug is not just for the cabin anymore. The unique and innovative addition has moved into the contemporary room and made itself right at home. And why not? With the look it offers, a natural cowhide rug can afford to be bold when it brings such value to the table. With so many choices in color, pattern, size and shape, the only thing you’ll find difficult is deciding if one natural cowhide rug will be enough to satisfy your desire.

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