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Devore Metallic Cowhides

There is absolutely nothing that can add a bold look to your decorating project than a metallic cow hide. For a highly dramatic appeal, this is what you’ve been looking for. For strong visual impact, the irregular shape of the natural cowhide also offers rugged durability that will provide many years of enjoyment in the home or office. Devore metallic cowhides add that specific element to the look you’re striving for.

The brilliance of copper, silver or gold overlayed onto the cowhide makes for a spectacular show-piece in your home. For contrast, nothing else can offer the rich dimension of texture, color and sparkle like a devore metallic cowhide. The investment in beauty in value will pay for itself over and over.

People love the versatility of the metallic cowhide because it opens up so many possibilities for use in any decorating project.

Some home decorators like to first choose their devore metallic cowhide and then complete the project with everything else revolving around the cowhide as the central theme. Others will complete their theme or motif and then wait for the very last minute to shop for a metallic cowhide that will add that certain something, or finishing touch. However you choose to decorate, you can be sure that a devore and metallic cowhide will transform your project into an extraordinary environment. The 100% natural cowhide will add the warmth and richness while the devore and metallic effect will add a dynamic visual effect that is simply incredible.

When guests come into your home and get a glimpse of your metallic cowhide, they won’t be able to take their eyes off of it.

Friends and family gravitate to the striking look of the metal on cowhide and instinctively want to get a closer look. There are many colors to choose from when selecting a devore cowhide, from deep brown or black to add a bold elegance to a light and room-opening appearance. There are many colors in between. Earth tones can act like neutrals and really open up the floor-plan of a room and make it appear to be roomier and brighter.

Metallic cowhides can be quickly vacuumed or shaken out. Devore metallic cowhides are hand-tanned by leather artisans who skillfully work with the hide to create a supple product that is shed-free and beautiful.

Each is a one of a kind, unique furnishing unlike any other in the world. Perhaps that is part of what distinguishes a home decorator who incorporates one of these devore metallic cowhides from everyone else. It’s easy to see why they are so popular in the market today.

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