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There is nothing as exquisite and inviting to the home as a dyed cowhide rug. The natural shape and texture of the hide itself brings something of the old west to its rustic charm. While the modern color allows a room full of contemporary decor to be created around its central theme. Dyed cowhide rugs can also be used to complete an area that is lacking that certain something.

Color dyed cowhides are the perfect finishing touch to any room, whether casual or elegant

When a guest walks in to a room with a dyed hide their eyes are immediately drawn to the shape, texture and color which it adds to the ambience of the environment you’ve created.

Each coloured cowhide is a thing of beauty and will last a lifetime when properly cared for. Dyed cowhide rugs have revolutionized the industry. And made it possible for home owners or apartment decorators to enjoy the luxurious look, feel and glamour.

A dyed cowhide rug adds an air of elegance that cannot be found with any other single piece of art

You may be surprised to learn that a dyed cowhide is a very affordable addition to your home. The color choices today for cowhides are as limitless as your imagination. There is something for every room, for every taste and need.

A dyed cowhide rug is not just for the home. One of these beautiful works of art would make an interesting addition to an outdoor theme, such as the pool area, the barbecue patio, even in or around your outdoor work space.

Many business men and women are adding the unique look of a color dyed cowhide to their office to give the look of a sophisticated business atmosphere. Clients who come in to an office that sports a dyed cowhide have an altogether opinion of who is running the business. A color dyed cowhide seems to say something about the type of person they are dealing with.

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