Copper on Beige Cowhide Rug


Metallic copper color on a luxurious natural beige cowhide canvas is a beautiful representation of nature as art.


Copper Metallic on Beige Cowhide

Copper metallic paint hand-spattered on a luxurious natural beige cowhide canvas is a beautiful representation of nature as art. Our 100% all natural cowhides are selected with an expert eye for detail-the hide quality, the markings, and the overall texture of the hair-on-hide are what makes this rug the best in the world.

Next, our master leather workers hand-tan each hide, making them supple and shiny, ensuring that your rug will be flexible, crack-free, shed-free and pleasantly smelling of fresh leather for many years.

Finally, your cowhide rug is ready for painting. Each rug is painted in a unique pattern that reflects its individual beauty and character, with a warm copper metallic color on a whisper soft beige cowhide. And now your metallic cowhide rug is ready to join you in creating a beautiful space in your home.

With its subtle shading and warm copper, there are many ways to blend this metallic cowhide rug with any décor. On the color wheel the complementary, or opposite, color to copper is turquoise and blue.

Create a soft beige living room seating space anchored by this stunning cowhide, then pick up the copper and perhaps some turquoise or blue in pillows and perhaps a copper bowl brimming with potpourri. Additional touches like wall art that ties together the copper and turquoise hues, and Voila! You have just created a spectacular, eclectic, and uniquely whimsical mood, with the asymmetrical shape and texture of this painted cowhide as the centerpiece of your space.

For a soft, subdued sleeping space, paint your master suite with pastel copper tones, and add accents of deeper copper and shades of beige, reminiscent of the last rays of the sun fading below the horizon. Using only two similar shades creates subtle elegance. Step out of bed, and your toes will be instantly happy to land on the cowhide rug that ties it all together.

These are just a few ways to bring cowhide into your home, and there are many, many more ways that you can let your imagination go wild to display your new metallic copper cowhide rug.





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