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  • Designer Cowhide Rugs

    Designer Cowhide Rugs

    DESIGNER COWHIDE RUGS A beautiful designer cowhide rug is a thing of beauty to display in a prominent place in your home or office. Made of 100% natural cowhide and hand-tanned and fit together to create a truly magnificent work of art. Leather artisans skillfully work the leather until it is supple and soft, retaining [...] More
  • Colorful Cowhide Rugs

    Colorful Cowhide Rugs

    COLORFUL COWHIDE RUGS The wonderful thing about a colorful cowhide rug is that it goes with absolutely any and everything in the home. The totally unique and stylish look of a colorful cowhide rug will add a whole new depth of value to your decorating project. Leather artisans have hand tanned and sewn the choicest [...] More
  • Designer Cowhide Pillows

    Designer Cowhide Pillows

    DESIGNER COWHIDE PILLOWS Beautiful designer cowhide pillows can do so much for your home decorating needs, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them. With their rich texture and luxurious feel, their beautiful prints and colors will establish them as a necessity for adorning every room in your home. A designer cowhide pillow is [...] More
  • Solid Cowhide Pillows

    Solid Cowhide Pillows

    SOLID COWHIDE PILLOWS The solid pillow is perhaps the perfect accessory in any room in your home. The bold, brilliant and bright colors are designed to match your decorating projects and add flair to anyplace they are used. Solid cowhide pillows have been hand tanned by leather artisans to insure that they are not only [...] More
  • Natural Cowhides

    Natural Cowhides

    NATURAL COWHIDES A natural cowhide is just that- 100% natural authentic hide in all its original beauty and rustic charm. All of the classic colors are available, from brown and white to black and white, cream, beige, off-white, it’s all there for you to choose from. Natural cowhides are hand-tanned by leather artisans who skillfully work [...] More
  • Striped Cowhide Rugs

    Striped Cowhide Rugs

    STRIPED COWHIDE RUGS A striped cowhide rug can add a whole new dimension in elegance and style to a room that is already decorated, but may be missing an element to complete it. From deep and rich dark colors to light and bright, a striped cowhide rug may be just what that project you’re working [...] More
  • Traditional Cowhide Rugs

    Traditional Cowhide Rugs

    TRADITIONAL COWHIDE RUGS Many people like the look of the traditional cowhide rug as opposed to the more modern dyed or metallic cowhide rugs. It’s true that you can do a lot in terms of decorating with the traditional cowhide rug. Just about everything goes with its simplistic style. Traditional cowhide rugs come in the [...] More
  • Striped Cowhide Pillows

    Striped Cowhide Pillows

    STRIPED COWHIDE PILLOWS The striking look of a striped pillow goes with everything. Whatever your decorating needs are, you can be sure that adding one or more of these striped cowhide pillows to the project you’re working on or the look you’ve already completed will add balance and appeal like nothing else can. With bold [...] More
  • Color Dyed Cowhide Pillows

    Color Dyed Cowhide Pillows

    COLOR DYED COWHIDE PILLOWS As a rich accent in any room of the home, nothing can quite compare to the decorating ability of the color dyed cowhide pillows. Soft and luxurious, inviting and warm, the color cowhide pillow offers a lot to the decorating value of your home project. If you’re looking for that extra [...] More
  • Solid Cowhide Rugs

    Solid Cowhide Rugs

    SOLID COWHIDE RUGS A solid cowhide rug has an especially imaginative look to add to a contemporary decor. With so many colors, designs, shapes and sizes, there is certainly a solid cowhide rug that will fit the decorating project you are working on. Even if you have never considered owning a solid cowhide rug before, [...] More
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