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Cheetah Cowhide Rug – Cheetah Print Cow Hide


Cowhide rug is stenciled with black cheetah spots. Our fine leather craftsmen create the beautiful cheetah design, while keeping the integrity of the hair-on-hide surface.

Cheetah Print Cowhide

One look at this luxurious cheetah print cowhide rug and you will understand why royalty from Ancient Egypt, and Mongolian Empire’s Genghis Khan kept the magnificent animals as palace pets. Their distinctive tan and black spotted coat has always exuded ELEGANCE!

Today, people are crazy about cheetah. From handbags and shoes to throw pillows and lampshades, the cheetah print is bold, as full of energy as the animal itself, and always gets attention.

So how does a cheetah print end up on a cowhide? Our fine leather craftsmen select all premium natural cowhides, hand-tan them to keep the leather soft, supple, and free from cracking, and then create the beautiful cheetah design, while keeping the integrity of the hair-on-hide surface.

The unique cowhide rug is shed-free, keeps its pleasant leather scent, and can be easily maintained with occasional vacuuming and spot cleaning.

A cowhide like this will endure for many generations and through many decorating ideas.

Just like the cheetah blends into the tall grass of the Serengeti Plain, there are so many possibilities for where to use this cowhide rug.

It will be perfectly at home on the floor of a black-lacquer accented living room, thrown over the coverlet of an all-white bedroom, or even on the wall of a hot-pink Barbie or Safari Jungle bedroom for a child.

It can be layered over another carpet, on a tile or hardwood floor, casually thrown over an ottoman or couch, or centered on the living room wall as a great focal point.

All you need is some imagination and a cheetah cowhide rug to totally transform a room or office!


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Customer Reviews

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Great rug!!

Love the rug!! Great quality.

Nice stuff


My new cheetah rug

I am so happy with my rug and I'm going to buy another one! The quality is excellent, the price was perfect and the value is exceptional. Thank you so much.

Cheetah Rug is awesome. Great quality. Thank you.

It goes perfect in the living room and matches the door.

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