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Turquoise Cowhide Rug – Dyed Turquoise Hide

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We are moved and affected by color, and using turquoise in our homes and offices brings in harmony and balance.


Turquoise Cowhide

Turquoise brings balance to a space. Color experts tell us that this azure color both energizes and calms us. The perfect example of this phenomenon is the sea. When we go to the sea, we experience an instant sense of calm, and at the same time we feel recharged and rejuvenated.

We are moved and affected by color.

Using turquoise in our homes and offices brings in harmony and balance. This turquoise cowhide rug is the perfect choice to bring a spot of color into color schemes in designing a room.

The cowhide is made durable for floor use, hand-tanned by expert leather artisans to ensure that it remains supple, and will not crack or shed with daily wear. With a quick vacuuming or damp cloth for spots, this rug will be vibrant and beautiful for many years to come.

Azure blue can be woven elegantly into so many décor styles. Black or white, or the two combined, are perfect canvases for turquoise, adding vibrant character to a neutral space. Earth tones, on the other hand, like beige, camel, and woodgrains, create a soft warm vintage appeal. What mood do you want to convey?

Create beachy retro charm, paired with bleached white and sandy tan hues, or combine with a hot yellow or orange art and accessories for contemporary freshness.

Take a note from Native Americans and pair turquoise and rich red for a rich, exotic appeal.

In the office, turquoise is known to open communication and enhance concentration, while recharging the spirit. What a perfect choice to display on the floor or wall of your conference room, where sharing ideas and working with enthusiasm go hand in hand.

You will be thrilled with this turquoise cowhide rug, wherever you spotlight it in your home or office décor.


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Customer Reviews

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Great Rug

This is a great rug. Soft, textured, exactly what I was looking for.

Looks and feels great.

When I opened my package, I got exactly what I was looking for. The color almost matches the picture perfectly. (It was a tiny, tiny bit darker but it's hardly noticeable) It feels soft and it's high quality with a great backing to it.

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