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Black Cowhide Rug – Solid Black Cow Hide


Glossy, glamorous and gorgeous are what comes to mind when you see this beautiful solid black cowhide rug.

Solid Black Cowhide

Glossy, glamorous and gorgeous are what comes to mind when you see this beautiful solid black cowhide rug.

The sheen of this hide is unparalleled in quality, hand-picked for the very best quality, hand-tanned by artisan leather workers to create the most flexible, soft leather with shed-free hair and great leathery aroma.

The visual appeal of black.

The dramatic visual appeal of ebony black against flooring like hardwood or tile is what makes this rug such a showpiece. The irregular animal hide shape lends an intriguing aspect to your room design, instantly drawing the eyes to wherever it is placed.

Designers use eye-catching accents like this cowhide rug to anchor a conversation area or dining table area within a larger space or great room, creating rooms within rooms that make sense when we see them.

This black cowhide would be amazing casually draped over a white sectional sofa, or to make the color of a bright sofa pop dimensionally. Add a few pillows that pattern color mixed with black and it all ties together in a beautiful décor statement.

You can create a dark accent in the bedroom with an all-black silky rug on the floor. Combined with lustrous red, gold and black, the room becomes decadent, like a Flamenco or Tango, perfect for romance.

Display this cowhide rug under a glass dining table with Japanese silk lithographs on the wall for an eclectic experience.

Top a black and white checkered kitchen floor with a splash of black for cheerful country charm.

Whatever décor sparks your imagination and showcases your personality will be sure to be enhanced by a solid black cowhide rug.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great hide!

This hide is beautiful, it’s hard to find ones that are all black... great price and quality. If I had another room that needed a hide I would buy another. Also it’s really nice and big!

Five Stars

It is just as advertised love it

Five Stars

Great size and works perfect in the area I needed it for.

Love this! Soft and quality dark black

Love this! Soft and quality dark black. However some of the deep folds take A LONG TIME to smooth out

Five Stars

I love this rug, it is absolutely beautiful!!!

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