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Metallic Striped Cowhide Pillow – 16×16 In.


Contemporary, chic… Cowhide! This 16×16 inch metallic striped pillow is all of that, and more.

Metallic Stripe Pillow

Contemporary, chic…Cowhide! This 16×16 inch metallic striped pillow is all of that, and more.

Artisan leatherworkers have ingeniously combined stripes of various widths, colors and have created textural interest by angling the cowhide pieces so that the nap goes in different directions. Pillows like this are not just pillows. They are small handcrafted art pieces for your home.

Our leatherworkers hand-tan each hide, selected from only 100% all-natural premium hides, ensuring you will have soft, supple leather that won’t crack or get hard with time. These cowhides are shed-free and have a fresh, subtle leathery smell. Each piece is placed in the pattern with an eye for texture, light, color and design, then hand sewn with a high standard of craftsmanship.

This metallic striped cowhide pillow is backed in color-matching suede, and is available in two color choices.

The first is a beige/camel/gold color, richly warm-hued, with beige and camel solid-color cowhide pieces separated by pieces with metallic gold spattering and painted spots. The result is a little touch of bohemian design within a traditional color scheme that is going to get attention from family, friends and visitors to your home or office.

Picture a line of these softly gleaming cowhide pillows along your sofa back, or one accenting an easy chair in your office. The colors are subtle enough to work well with both other neutral colors like beige, black and white, or with bright shades like turquoise, red or deep, dark brown. Or just drape a bright solid-color throw blanket over the back of a neutral loveseat, nestle the pillow into the corner and enjoy the pop of color and interest.

The other pillow choice is a silver/smoke-gray/ivory color. This is frosty ice in a winter wonderland, magical sparkle and ultra-chic dazzle. The silver and ivory solid-color cowhide pieces are spaced apart by ivory painted with silver spots and spatters. The result is elegant, sophisticated. Just picture the look of one or two of these pillows accenting your solid color or all-white lacy comforter and pillows in your master bedroom, or perhaps providing the perfect accent to a gold/beige sofa in your ultra-modern silver and gold living room.

In an office, this textured, handcrafted look is elegant and sophisticated with a touch of whimsy, to show that you’re not ALL business! The silver pillow pairs well with black or white neutrals, creates a dramatic contrast, looking almost white on black, while softly shimmering against the white background. Throw a soft gray blanket behind the pillows and watch the smoky gray and silver pop out.

Wherever you choose to display this little treasure in your home or office, you are sure to get many compliments from friends and family.



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