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Four Patch Cowhide Pillow – Design Pillow


A great way to get that visual punch of interest, without changing your décor or investing a lot of money, is to use solid pillows. This four-patch cowhide pillow is perfect for any style room in your home.

Beautiful 4-Patch Design Pillow

Cowhide is all the rage in home décor now. It’s not just for ranches, western-themed family rooms, or cowboy bedrooms for little boys. Cowhide has earned its place as a unique accent to make any room come alive with its unusual textures and patterns.

Cowhide rugs decorate floors and walls from bohemian lofts to ultra-modern penthouses, and people are covering ottomans and chairs for pops of visual appeal in many different style spaces. A great way to get that visual punch of interest, without changing your décor or investing a lot of money, is to use four patch cowhide pillows.

The 4-patch cowhide pillows are perfect for any style room in your home. They can be used in combination with each other, with bright colored solids or with patterns, from florals and stripes to Native American or African prints.

These cowhide four patch pillows have been designed by leather artisans so that the patches have been turned to change the nap direction of the hair. As a result, each patch catches light from a different angle, which accentuates the difference in shading.

Our pillows are created from premium all-natural cowhides, hand tanned to supple perfection. They are sewn with color-matched suede and a zipper on the back, for easy removal and cleaning. To clean, just vacuum lightly, and use a damp washcloth on any spots.

This cowhide four-patch pillow style comes in 3 beautiful solid colors, and two prints.

Pairing the silver-gray solid with beige and ivory is getting rave reviews in home fashion pages for its subtle elegance. The honey brown solid pillow combines well with wood furniture and hardwood floors to add cozy comfort to dens and family rooms, while the white pillows add a bit of textured luxury to fluffy comforters in any bedroom.

The black/white and brown/ivory cowprint pillows are perfect accents for any living space. Imagine your plain black, brown or ivory leather sofa coming to life with a row of cowprint pillows along the back, or with any of our solid dyed bright cowhide pillows like turquoise, red or yellow to make the whole look pop.

With these pillows you can change your room from drab to dazzling in an instant!



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