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The natural shape of cow hides is distinctive, rustically charming. And on-trend for creating contemporary chic designer looks in the home or office. Southern Hides has taken cowhide from the Ponderosa to the Penthouse with a new twist on an old classic. Now, you can get the distinctive cowhide shape in the color and effect you want for your décor.

Try the dyed solid-color cowhide available in shades like fuchsia, yellow, azure, green, red and orange. Designers love the metallic hides in gold, silver or copper metallic paint on natural cow hides. You can go wild over the animal print cowhides, in cheetah, leopard, tiger, jaguar and zebra, bringing an exotic flair to your space. Maybe you just like your real cow hide to look like a cow, and you can have that too, with several color choices available.

You’re not limited to the floor for a premium cowhide either! Try hanging one over the sofa for visual wall art, or draping a hide across your bedroom comforter, adding color and texture to your décor. Southern Hides has the perfect 100% all-natural cowhide to add eye-catching interest and pizzazz to your space.


  • Natural Cowhides

    Natural Cowhides

    NATURAL COWHIDES A natural cowhide is just that- 100% natural authentic hide in all its original beauty and rustic charm. All of the classic colors are available, from brown and white to black and white, cream, beige, off-white, it’s all there for you to choose from. Natural cowhides are hand-tanned by leather artisans who skillfully work [...] More
  • Animal Print Cowhides

    Animal Print Cowhides

    ANIMAL PRINT COWHIDES An animal print cowhide is a 100% natural cowhide that has been imprinted with an exotic animal print to make it look completely authentic. Animal print cowhides will transform your home into something extraordinary in a matter of only a moment. Absolutely everything goes with the look of an animal print. Hand-tanned [...] More
  • Dyed Cowhide Rugs

    Dyed Cowhide Rugs

    DYED COWHIDE RUGS There is nothing as exquisite and inviting to the home as a dyed cowhide rug. The natural shape and texture of the hide itself brings something of the old west to its rustic charm. While the modern color allows a room full of contemporary decor to be created around its central theme. [...] More
  • Devore Metallic Cowhides

    Metallic Cowhides

    METALLIC COWHIDES There is absolutely nothing that can add a bold look to your decorating project than a metallic cowhide rug. For a highly dramatic appeal, this is what you’ve been looking for. For strong visual impact, the irregular shape of the cowhide. Metallic cowhides add that specific element to the look you’re striving for. [...] More
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