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A striped cowhide rug can add a whole new dimension in elegance and style to a room that is already decorated, but may be missing an element to complete it. From deep and rich dark colors to light and bright, a striped cowhide rug may be just what that project you’re working on needs to bring the rugged touch to it that you’ve been searching for.

Decorators know that stripes can work magic in a room in a variety of ways

They can open a small room up or draw attention in certain directions by placing the stripes where you want them. A striped cowhide rug will do double duty in your home by adding texture and direction in exactly the place that you want it.

Imagine your guests coming into your home while you are entertaining, and being in awe of the exquisite centerpiece of your room. The rugged style, the color and the tones will draw their total attention to wherever you choose. Bold striped will give the illusion that your room is longer, or wider, or bigger than it really is. It all depends on how you place the rug. A striped cowhide rug is really a wonderful investment in the value of your home and in the decorating element. The contrast of the deep colors and the highlighted tones adds a richness of texture that nothing can compare with.

Crafted by expert leather artisans and made to last a lifetime

A striped cowhide rug is a stunning piece of decor that will outlast most of your other household furnishings and bring enjoyment to your family for a lot of years. By turning the hide nap in opposing directions, craftsmen who create striped cowhide rugs professionally work to make these masterpieces, each uniquely like no other. The result is simply elegance in design. Contemporary meets the old west in these eye-catching striped cowhide rugs, yet there is nothing rustic about them.

Many people enjoy the look and feel of a cowhide for the natural appearance that it brings to their home. Striped cowhide rugs are hand tanned and painstakingly sewn together out of premium quality cowhide to insure that the finished product is soft, supple and shed free. You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to take care of a striped cowhide rug, as it only requires a simple vacuuming every so often and a quick spot-cleaning with a damp rug on occasion. This is really all the care that is needed to keep it looking beautiful.

A striped cowhide rug would also make an original wall hanging behind a gorgeous sofa, adding a whole new look to a bare wall. With so much versatility, you may wonder why you never thought to own one of these beautiful striped cowhides before.

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