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Transitional cowhide rugs are extremely popular today. And it’s no wonder, when you consider that they offer all of the unique charm of the traditional decor, without the boundaries. You could call a transitional cowhide rug a halfway point between the tradition and the contemporary.

It brings with it an old-fashioned flavor, but doesn’t let you dwell there for too long. Some interesting additions to a transitional cowhide rug may be an asymmetrical pattern or an all-over pattern that is richly adorned in some fashion, as though it had an impressionistic ideal.

The possibilities for mix-and-match are endless

What people love the most about a transitional cowhide rug is that they are less formal than a traditional style and can be used in conjunction with a more contemporary theme. When you choose a neutral color transitional cowhide rug there is really nothing that won’t go along with it in terms of decorating. The possibilities for mix and match with a transitional cowhide rug are limitless.

You may be surprised to find out the value that a beautiful transitional cowhide rug will add to your home, and may find that it is an investment that you can afford not to take advantage of. Many people find that they want more than one of these luxurious rugs in their home to add to the ambience of each bedroom or to complete a particular motif in the living area. A transitional cowhide rug would look great, not only on the floor-plan but hanging on a wall space behind the sofa or even strewn across the floor in front of your fireplace. The transitional patterns will open up the design of the room and create something extraordinary out of the ordinary.

The finishing touch

If you’re in the middle of a decorating project and you can’t find that certain something to add as a finishing touch, consider an elegant, show-stopping transitional cowhide rug, made by leather artisans and crafted to last a lifetime. The rich designs and bold dynamic of cowhide adds something that no other texture can. Created from 100% natural cowhides and hand-pieced together for a truly unique look and feel that nothing else can deliver. Keeping a transitional cowhide rug clean is only a matter of occasional vacuuming and a quick spot cleaning with a damp cloth upon spills.

Consider the warmth and depth of beauty one of these transitional cowhide rugs will add when you introduce one into your decorating project. Your guests will gather around your masterpiece and try to gain a closer look while you entertain. Any why not? It’s only natural to want to get a little closer and see what all the fuss is about.

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