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Cowhide rugs are IN today and can be found anywhere. From log cabin or bohemian loft to luxurious mansion or swanky downtown office. At Southern Hides the cowhide rug has been elevated to floor art that demands to be noticed.

Master leatherworkers tan the hides by hand, making them supple, silky soft and shed-free. Then, have created stunning intricate patterns like stripes, patches, contemporary waves, circles, chevrons and starbursts-some resemble hardwood floors and exotic tiles. Even neutral, one-color simple patch design rugs have been designed with varied hide nap direction. So light and shadow change the hue and add an interesting textural element.

Our cowhide area rugs are available in many sizes and shapes. So you are sure to find one that looks amazing in your room and fits perfectly too. If you want a cowhide patchwork rug that is uniquely stunning and on-trend for current home design-and remains supple without shedding or wearing thin with time, get a cowhide rug from Southern Hides. You will be so glad you did!

  • Natural Cowhide Rugs

    Natural Cowhide Rugs

    NATURAL COWHIDE RUGS Stunning natural cowhide rugs are all the rage in decorating. And it’s no wonder. Each rug is carefully designed, using small pieces of natural cowhide and joined together with intricate stitching. Because of the subtle differences in each cowhide, no two natural cowhide rugs are exactly the same, insuring that you can [...] More
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