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Silver on Beige Cowhide – Metallic Rug

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Rustic cowhide meets modern elegance in this one-of-a-kind sensational silver on beige cowhide rug.


Silver Metallic on Beige Cowhide

Rustic cowhide meets modern elegance in this one-of-a-kind sensational silver on beige cowhide rug. Master leather artisans have taken 100% natural premium cowhide, treated it with the utmost care to preserve the supple texture of the leather and silky softness of the hair, and that’s just the beginning of the artistry involved in creating this unique piece.

The natural asymmetrical shape of a traditional cowhide is perfect for rustic appeal then, in ultra-chic fashion, metallic silver is hand-painted on some of the spots.

Here on this textured beige cowhide, the smooth elegance of silver is the perfect pairing, a cool complement to its warm tones, bringing balance and harmony to the visual effect.

This metallic silver cowhide rug is not only beautiful, it’s made to last. It is shed-free, wear-resistant and can be easily maintained with an occasional light vacuuming and a damp cloth for spots, ensuring its place in your home for many years to come.

The sheen of silver has long been used to accent beautiful homes, whether framing a treasured photograph, sparkling from table lamps and chandeliers, or as a treasured family heirloom sitting in a place of honor on the dining room table.

Whether it’s antique sterling or contemporary chrome, a touch of silver can add style and luxury to the décor for your home or office.

This cowhide treasure will be perfect under the coffee table in a hip contemporary living room, thrown over a chaise lounge in a sleek master bedroom, or nestled before a fireplace in a rustic Southwestern ranch house.

You’ll be thrilled with the possibilities for decorating with this silver metallic on beige cowhide.


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