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Tricolor Cowhide Rug – Tricolour Cow Hide


This hide is a luxurious example of the unique beauty a cowhide rug can bring to your home or office space. The tricolor rug comes in two shades, both are stunning.

Tricolor Cowhide

Cowhides are as unique as fingerprints-no two are alike. Each cowhide has its own individual markings and color variations. This tricolor cowhide is a luxurious example of the unique beauty a cowhide rug can bring to your home or office space.

These cowhides are 100% natural, with unsurpassed quality. Artisan leather workers hand-tan each piece for supple leather cowhides that won’t crack, shed or deteriorate with time, ensuring that your rug will be a beautiful accent in your home for many years to come. Cleaning is easy, with occasional vacuuming and a damp cloth for any spots, making this both a smart practical and home-enhancing choice.

You simply cannot go wrong with it.

Tricolor cowhide rug comes in two shades, a dramatic black/white/brown and a dark and medium brown with white. Both are stunning.

The black/white/brown gives a pop to many color schemes and styles of décor. In a neutral monochromatic living room, these colors pop and become the center of attention. Situate it in the middle of your seating arrangement or hang it behind a sofa, and wait for the oohs and ahhs to begin.

This style looks as much at home in a rustic southwestern ranch house in front of the stone fireplace as it does overlooking Manhattan from a spectacular apartment suite, and everything in between. It is classic Americana, an eclectic touch for any room. In the plain design of most office spaces this cowhide rug brings a splash of sophistication and light-hearted fun, adding life and energy.

The dark/light brown and white cowhide rug is softer, and perfect for the floor of a family room, study or man-cave. Its rich chocolate browns add a layer of depth to tile or hardwood floors, making them cozy and welcoming. You simply cannot go wrong with either of these plush, colorful treasures.


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Customer Reviews

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Great quality

I received my rug very quickly. Although I will be returning and reordering. The rug I received is a lot lighter then the photos & the description. I was hoping to get the dark brown and black brindle hide, but I received a very light brown/blonde color...I feel the darker brindle color will a lot better with my decor, so my fingers are crossed my next order will be exactly/or close to what I’m imagining :)Other then that the rug is great quality, good size and lays flat even straight out of the shipping box.

Soft as butter!

Wicked amazing quality. I was kind of skeptical on having a cow as a rug, I wanted something more like an elk or bear. I had no idea how freakishly soft it is. The first thing our 6 year old asked was if we could play Blokus on it, so we did. The hair doesn’t stab you when laying on it. After growing up with elk, deer, caribou and bear hides in the house, I must say I’m impressed with the cow. Ours had a teeny imperfection that was fixed, and isn’t noticeable unless your eye is a few inches away. This has been quite the conversation piece! Love it!


i like the texture of this cowhide, I would have liked to be a little darker. But it was a good price and it looks good with my furniture


This rug is beautiful and quality. I get so many complements on this rug and my wife and I love it. It makes our bedroom style come together perfectly. Highly recommend. They also give you tons of resources on how to take care of this natural rug. It is definitely GENUINE. I have had it for a year and walk on it every day. It still looks brand new.

Good for kids room

Good rug for my sons room. A little thin but since this is my first cow hide rug I don’t have anything to compare thinkness too.

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