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Metallic Cowhide Pillow – Hide Cushion

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Add a chic edge to your home or office space with these elegant metallic cowhide pillows. Available in silver, copper and gold.


Cowhide Metallic Throw Pillow

Add a chic edge to your home or office space with these elegant metallic cowhide pillows.

Precious metal colors of silver, copper and gold paint cowhide spots on smoky gray, white and camel all-natural cow hides.

These pillows are perfect in an eclectic vintage décor, combining the shine of metal and the texture of hide, definitely an accent that is sure to be eye-catching and unique.

The smoky-gray and silver is sophisticated and beautiful against a neutral beige or pale gold background, or paired with dark red and navy in a colonial color scheme.

Envision the white and copper cowhide pillow against a turquoise chair or loveseat, along with a coral red pillow or striped Navaho blanket for a Native American art look.

The camel with gold cowhide pillow is warm and inviting, nestled against a white sofa backdrop, or against shades of blue or gold. Layer texture and pattern of the spotted metallic cowhides over a print sofa and chair as well, adding a touch of bohemian flair to your décor.

Our metallic cowhide pillows are a wonderful investment for your home décor. They are hand-tanned by leather artisans to ensure soft, silky hide, and are backed with color-matched suede and a zipper for easy removal and cleaning.

The cowhide pillows are hand painted with beautiful metallic spots, and have been crafted to last as a treasured accessory in your home for many years. There are many beautiful ways to include cowhide in your décor.

Designers love the visual appeal of adding touches of cowhide to a home space, and you will enjoy adding a touch of the unexpected to yours!



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