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Retro Style Cowhide Rug – Retro Pattern Rug


Retro patterns are all the rage these days, and this natural cowhide beauty is no exception!

Retro Pattern Rug

Retro patterns are all the rage these days, and this natural cowhide beauty is no exception! The ringed geometric oval and circle pattern is reminiscent of the bold, cheerful designs of the 1960’s or perhaps the Art Deco style of the 1920’s and 30’s.

Those unforgettable period patterns for clothing, fabrics and home decor have resurfaced, and are perfect choices for people with contemporary chic, vintage, bohemian, casual and sophisticated tastes.

This is a cowhide rug that makes an enormous impact in any room. Its dramatic and modern pattern has the “wow” factor that effectively spotlights a seating or dining area, and provides an anchoring dimension for the entertaining and conversation areas of any home.

The retro rug is all-natural, superior quality cowhide, and its bold oval and circle shaped ring pattern has been fashioned with care and attention to detail, color and durability.

The thoughtful choice of available colors designed for this rug makes it easily adaptable to most home and office interior design.

The silver-black and white-black rug makes a powerfully graphic statement, and is reminiscent of sunlight through a stone lattice wall.

The softer, more subtle silver-gray and tan rug, on the other hand, is designed to enhance a color scheme, while not overpowering it.

The Brown-white and black-ivory patterns are bold yet versatile, and enhance the ambiance of a space, equally effective for a the simplicity of a natural organic haven, the casual style of a family entertainment room, the stone tile 60’s pattern of a tropical sunroom or the sophistication of an ultra-modern chic apartment.

Whatever style is your own personal favorite, you can’t go wrong with this luxurious cowhide beauty. From comfort, to quality and durability, to beautiful eye-catching style, this patchwork cowhide rug will be a timeless asset for your home collection.



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