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Circles Cowhide Rug – Geometric Pattern


The dimensional look of this cowhide rug design is breathtaking and it is always eye-catching wherever you choose to display it.

Circle Pattern Rug

The dimensional look of this cowhide rug design is breathtaking. Produced in all black, all brown, or brown/white on brown, expert leatherworkers have positioned the pieces of hide with the nap facing in different directions, so each layer of piecework stands apart from the other. Even on the one-tone colors there is definition and dimension to the pattern.

Each cowhide rug is made from 100% natural premium hair-hide, selected by our artisans for quality and hide pattern, then hand-tanned to perfect supple, silky condition, so your cowhide patchwork rug will be beautiful and last for years. With light vacuuming and a damp cloth for spots or spills, you can keep your rug in perfect condition.

Modern Three Dimensional Design

Picture the all-black hide in an ultra-chic black and white living room, white walls and furniture, glass and chrome coffee table, and this cowhide modern art piece on the floor, or even wilder, behind the sofa as a modern textural wall art element.

In a bright family room, children would love the block shaped pieces, and would curl up on the plush chocolate brown hide rug with a coloring book and crayons, or maybe even jump from circle to circle, playing hopscotch through the design.

In contrast, the brown rug would also be the highlight of a formal dining room, placed under a modern glass dining table so that the dimensional shape could shine through.

The brown mixed with brown and white print cowhide rug is super-fun, looks rustic enough for the family Ponderosa or earthy country farm home. Or, go to the other extreme, and put this cowhide area rug in the middle of a residence living room, amid modern art prints and lush green plants.

There is no place nowadays where cowhide doesn’t work. It’s “In”, it’s whimsical and fun, and it is always eye-catching wherever you choose to display it.



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