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Geometric Cowhide Rug – Chevron Pattern


Geometric patterns will always be in style. They are an intrinsic part of the fabric of the universe we live in!

Geometric Patterns Will Always Be In Style

Geometric patterns are an intrinsic part of the fabric of the universe we live in! This rectangular cowhide rug is a perfect example, as its chevron-cornered squares create a 3-D effect to tease our vision with the illusion of depth and contrast.

A particularly complex pattern has been created here, as each chevron-cut piece must be matched perfectly to the next, and each piece must be cut from the cowhide at a different angle to change the direction of the pile, to add texture and depth to the patchwork squares.

It takes an artisan’s touch and love for leatherworking to select only the “best of the best” natural hair-on-hide pieces, to give visionary attention to detail for color, texture and harmony, and to intricately stitch the squares together perfectly to ensure it will last a lifetime.

The soft colors chosen for this cowhide design are guaranteed to work in any home or office space.

The smoke gray and silver gradient shades contrast light and shadow, enhancing the visual beauty of the 3D effect without distracting from other patterns in the décor, and offering a cool sophisticated foundation to any traditional or contemporary room.

The shades of brown and taupe in the other rug of this design are a designer’s dream, both neutral to let the furniture take center stage, and warmly inviting, the color of sepia photography from days gone by, perfectly suited for any space where one wants to feel the welcome of home.

A perfect accent rug like this cowhide will be sure to delight you, and will be a treasured part of your home for many years to come.



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