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Neutral Hues Cowhide Rug – Hide Patchwork


The color choice for this cowhide patchwork rug ranges the entire spectrum of neutral shades, so you are sure to find exactly the color that fits in your home or office décor.

Hues and Patterns

The color choice for this patchwork rug ranges the entire spectrum of neutral shades. So you are sure to find exactly the color that fits in your home or office décor.

The 4-by-4-inch patch pattern is one of the earliest forms used in American quilting art. Now finds its place in fashion from clothing and accessories, to comforters and blankets, and now to cowhide rugs.

The overall effect of mixing the hues and patterns that cowhide comes in creates everything from monochromatic, like the silver-gray shade to brightly dramatic, like the black/white and brown/white choices.

Create virtual floors for your space.

Your cowhide rug is all-natural premium hair-on-hide. Which has been hand-tanned by expert leatherworkers, who know just how to make cowhide supple and silky-soft, and know how to make sure it won’t shed.

You can be sure that, with an occasional light vacuuming and spot cleaning, your cowhide rug will be beautiful for years to come. They have designed color combinations that will create virtual floors for your space.

The gray tones are available in silver-gray, blue-gray, and charcoal gray. So if you want to create a light, airy look for your elegant master bedroom you might choose the silver-gray.

On the other hand, if you are working with a large great-room space, you might choose a charcoal-gray to use as an anchor, visually creating an area apart from the rest of the flooring.

The brown tones range from shades of taupe-beige, caramel-brown, rich chocolate brown, and a medium brown/dark brown combination. Brown is perfect, wherever you want to make a cozy nest, or work with rich color accents like turquoise, cinnamon red, saffron yellow, and pumpkin. From this range of colors you can find the perfect shade for your own furniture.

The two dramatic rugs are the black/white and brown/white. These colors are going to put the WOW!!! in your space. Any vivid solid-colored or neutral leather furniture will look stunning against this backdrop.

For a huge visual impact, try displaying one of these on a focal point wall behind the sofa, and use the cowhide colors in accent pillows. You will transform your room in an instant with this technique. These cowhide rugs are sure to please, and will be a family treasure for many years.



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