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Textured Stripe Cowhide Rug – Metallic Rug

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Area rugs can create the illusion of hardwood floor islands in your home décor, and this cowhide design does just that!


Metallic Textured Stripe Rug

Area rugs can create the illusion of hardwood floor islands in your home décor, and this cowhide design does just that- in an abstract cowhide-y kind of way!

Our expert leather artisans have taken strips of premium-quality cowhide and mixed solids with cow print spots and patches, turned the hide nap facing in different directions, and created a mélange of color, print and texture that is dramatic eye-catching art meets hardwood flooring, and yet intrinsically still retains the look and feel of cowhide.

Your cowhide rug will come to you in supple, luxurious condition, thanks to the expert craftsmanship of our artisan leatherworkers. Their hand-tanning techniques ensure you have a silky cowhide that won’t shed or crack with time, and can be maintained easily with a light vacuuming and damp cloth for spots.

Cowhide is just the right kind of accent that can give your home or office some on-trend dazzle and sophistication!

The black and silver patchwork cowhide rug would be an amazing floor for an elegant office boardroom, with a gleaming long black table, or in a chic studio loft under an ultra-modern leather and chrome dining room set.

A deep dark brown/black hide rug makes the perfect wall-hanging for your own caveman’s private lair, or warming up your plain black leather sofa in the family room.

Add bright casual energy with colorful print pillows and put some framed posters or your own masterpieces on the walls.

The look of this beige/gray cowhide rug seems organic, like a bamboo floor, and pairs well with both natural textures and colors, and with bright fresh colors.

Picture this cowhide rug with natural rattan and ecru canvas, against a sage green wall, with plants and perhaps pops of bright yellow, sage, and silver in accessories and accent pillows. Or go vertical, and hang this cowhide rug above a fireplace to create a great stone or brick illusion on your focal wall.



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