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Triangles Cowhide Rug – Triangle Pattern


With charming simplicity, the straight lined, geometric triangle pattern of this cowhide rug is reminiscent of American patchwork quilts.

Triangular Pattern Design

With charming simplicity, geometric triangle pattern of this cowhide rug is reminiscent of American patchwork quilts. But look again!

Master craftsmen have taken this basic three-sided pattern from simple to sophisticated, by positioning the grain of the luxurious cowhide triangles in different directions.

Subtle shading variations appear, casting light and shadow, adding both geometric dimension and visual impact to the overall design.

Our patchwork rugs are fabricated by hand, using only premium 100% natural cowhides. Our artisans intricately and securely stitch the triangle patches for durability and integrity of design.

This beautiful home accent piece is available in three distinctive color choices.

First, you can sigh over our soft neutral palette that will transport you in an instant to summer at the beach with its sandy tones. Next, snuggle up to our honey-toned camel brown rug that will infuse cozy warmth into even the coldest of igloos. Finally, select the elegant, stunning charcoal gray rug, and add contemporary chic sophistication to your space.

A cowhide patchwork rug is not only an asset.

But is a timeless treasure that will make a visual impact and grace the floor of your home or office. The subtle triangular pattern design is perfectly suited to many types of décor and will transform the appearance of your laidback casual home, rustic ranch, urban chic loft or Beverly Hills mansion.

Whatever your personal decorating style, you will be sure to enjoy the inviting look and feel of the superior craftsmanship, subtly intricate pattern, and rich, natural colors of this beautiful accent rug.




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