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An animal print cowhide is a 100% natural cowhide that has been imprinted with an exotic animal print to make it look completely authentic. Animal print cowhides Will transform your home into something extraordinary in a matter of only a moment. Absolutely everything goes with the look of an animal print.

Hand-tanned by leather artisans and durable enough to last a lifetime

Each print is unique. In the same way, no two animals have the same patterns. The authenticity of an animal print cowhide will pull your decorating project together and your home will never look the same.

Animal print cowhides offer bright yet neutral tones. If you need that last little finishing touch, an animal print cowhide is exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s the wild west colliding with contemporary decor

The classic zebra animal print is the perfect neutral design that you can plan a whole room around. The contrast of light and dark shades opens up the floor-plan of your home. It also allows you to be as creative as you want to be.

The beautiful and bold tiger cowhide makes it easy to use as a show-piece or a central theme. The stripes bring balance and harmony into any motif.

The rosette-shaped spots of the jaguar cowhide are perhaps the most elegant of all of the animal print patterns. Your guests will instantly be drawn into the color and shadow of this masterpiece.

With its lush, deep pattern, the beautiful cheetah design is simply one of the most stunning of all the exotic prints.

Many people love the look of the leopard cowhide in a sunny room with house plants, or right out in front of a fireplace. One of the great things about owning an animal print cowhide is knowing that no matter where you use it, you can’t go wrong.

The wild look of an exotic animal print cowhide says something about you to guests in your home. They’ll never look at you in quite the same way again.

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