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A natural cowhide is just that- 100% natural authentic hide in all its original beauty and rustic charm. All of the classic colors are available, from brown and white to black and white, cream, beige, off-white, it’s all there for you to choose from. Natural cowhides are hand-tanned by leather artisans who skillfully work the leather until it is soft and supple, to create a finished product that is shed-free with a terrific leather look, feel and aroma.

Each and every natural cowhide is unique so that no two are exactly the same. Maybe this is part of the charm of owning one. Decorators love what you can do with a natural cowhide rug. The natural color sand shades mean that the possibilities are endless. Durable cowhides can be used as rugs or wall hanging art, and you can be sure that they are going to last a lifetime and provide for many years of beauty and enjoyment. Consider them an investment in the value of your home.

The wild west meets the modern decor when you select a natural hide for your home

There is absolutely nothing like owning a natural hide, because nothing else is like it! Some natural cowhides are solid colored, two-toned and even tri-colored. Markings are individual and vary from one cowhide to the next. This is what makes them so amazing.

If you’re looking to finish a decorating project and you are missing that last little finishing touch, a natural cowhide can bring that missing element in and tie everything together. The neutral tones and colors of a natural cowhide make them perfect to mix and match with any decor. Added to a floor-plan, a natural cowhide brings a richness and quality to the room like nothing else can.

You’ll never realize the full potential of your living area until you bring the wild look of a cowhide into the motif

The daring element of a natural cowhide displayed will cause your guests to stand in awe when they see the authenticity and natural beauty added to your rustic or contemporary project. There is something altogether timeless about a natural cowhide rug that begs to be touched and attracts attention.

Strewn across the floor in front of your fireplace, your family will gravitate to its lush texture and richness. You might find the softness and warmth so irresistible that you’re likely to fall asleep on it while reading a book. And why not? A natural hide rug is not just for show. Its practical value can add a whole new dimension when used in a children’s room for coloring or playing on.

Step into the place where frontier meets contemporary charm. Make the bold choice that so many others are making today and add a natural cowhide to your home.

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