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Hexagon Cowhide Rug – The Hex Design Rug


Every room design needs an element of surprise-something that draws your eye and makes you say “Wow!”

The Hexagonal Designed Cowhide

Every room design needs an element of surprise-something that draws your eye and makes you say “Wow!”

Whether it’s a grand stone fireplace, a colorful painting, or a picture window vista on the world, a focal point is something to design a room around. Using complementary colors, shapes and textures makes your home or office décor successful.

Cowhide rugs are currently on-trend for being “THAT” piece that designers might choose as the focal point of their design space.

Our cowhides are the perfect choice.

They are hand-tanned for supple, silky hide texture. Shed-free and easy to maintain with light vacuuming and spot cleaning with a damp cloth.

This hexagon cowhide rug comes in three color choices.

Picture the dark chocolate cowhide rug in a room with ivory walls, brown leather loveseat and chairs, and an ivory tile floor. Boring!…Needs warmth, right? Center the hexagonal designed cowhide on the floor, add pillows in warm red/orange/gold tones, and throw a bright shawl across the back of a chair.

Warming up! Choose accessories from the throw pillow colors- maybe add some gold metallic accents in lamps. You have created a space that takes center stage in your home.

The camel cowhide rug is a neutral shade that pairs with bright colors or with subtle tones like silver-gray.

To create a space that’s grand but still cozy to live in, just pair the fluffy beige cowhide rug with a beige and silver-gray print sofa. Some camel-colored side chairs and a charcoal accent wall behind the sofa. Add some silver wall sconces, a soft Impressionist painting, and some complementary accent pillows. Prepare to relax in your soothing haven.

The gray cowhide patchwork rug varies in hue from silver to smoke, and resembles a slate floor.

Imagine this hexagon cowhide rug centered in your sunroom, surrounded by natural wicker wildflower-cushioned furniture and a roomful of blooming orchids and exotic ferns.

Three looks using cowhide as the focal point- all different, all unforgettable. You can create hundreds of amazing looks with a great focal point like this hexagon pattern cowhide rug!



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